Friday, November 6, 2015

Globe Ornaments for the "Mrs. Mary" tree

 This is the near end product. The "Mrs. Mary" tree will be filled with many different elements one of which needed to be globes to represent the travels the Stark families took. Lack of mini globes lead to creating globe ornaments. 
Pinterest showed an ornament covered in gift wrap paper, that lead to this idea. Glass ornaments were sprayed to match the background color of this antique world map. Shiny cap for the globes were even sprayed to match this subdued color scheme. 
 Eight copies were printed for the eight ornament globes.
 Tassels and tags will add sophisticated finishing touches.
The printed globes are carefully cut out, slashed so they will wrap the ornament, and glued down bit by bit.
 Ornaments were left to dry. Note the painted top and tassel.
 The final product. Still considering painting the light areas with a sienna glaze.
What do you think?

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