Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Privacy Gardens going in

     A rogue landscaper decided to prune up the magnolias to make it easier to cut the yards. What he did was expose the neighbors yard, and all the cars, etc. in their back driveway.
      This is a wide view of the Back Privacy Beds which were planted in early July. Air layered camellias, hydrangeas grown from last year's cuttings on the grounds were planted at strategic points of view from the back of the house. Aspidistra cast iron plants were moved from the front sunny beds to fill in the back this shady area in the very back of the back yard.
     The camellias and hydrangeas should fill in and block the views of the neighbor while softening the back edge of the yard. The cast iron plants should love the deep shade, thrive and multiply greatly.
     This small planting went in just left of the wide view above. From the back porch of the house this area looked empty and lacking. The camelia is a Pink Perfection which blooms from late fall until late springtime, so as the bush grows it should fill this empty corner with light pink flowers. The hydrangeas surrounding it create a bed. Not sure what color blooms will come from this area of soil. Time will tell.
     I left all the empty pots in front of the newly planted bushes to protect them from lawnmower wheels and weed-eater operators. Better safe than sorry.

Friday, July 14, 2017

Front Steps of the Burt Stark House

 Planting has begun in the front flower beds on either side of the front steps. Begonias and dianthus are planted near the edge. Russian sage, tall verbena, tall salvia, and peonies all went in the ground in early June.
 Verbena borenensis was ordered from England. Should reach a height of 4 to 5 feet tall.
 Blue Salvia is a perennial and a favorite with pollinators and humming birds.
The west side bed showing hydrangeas and sprouting crape myrtle trees. The cut areas and mint whihc is HIGHLY invasive. Never plant mint people.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Dipper Gourd Supports

The heirloom dipper gourd vines are vigorously growing last year they pulled down the bamboo pole tee pees with every wind that blew. This year sturdy 4 X 4 supports have been installed. The upright supports will keep the gourds off the ground and serve as a green landscape blocker for the neighbor and their carport. The garden is slowly coming together.

Boxwood Paths and Begonias

This summer the boxwood paths have been hand pruned and the bed surrounding the restored cast iron urn was planted with white begonias. The view is looking from the back yard toward the back porch of the Burt Stark House.

Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Herb Garden - Summer Update

 Rear view above shows the completed fence and raised beds. The plant you see growing is the heirloom dipper gourd vines planted in early June. Weekly rain and horse manure have boosted them greatly. The next project is a trellis and upright support for these vigorous vines to grow upon.
 The mulch in the paths of the beds has leveled down greatly but is proving to be a good weed barrier. In the photos above and below you can see the gates added near the building. The final gate will need further thought. I want it to look like fence not gate, but still be able to open. Little by little things happen.
There is a rosemary plant in each of the four raised beds but you can't really see them yet. I am hoping they will take off and survive the winter. We will see.