Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Herbs for the Kitchen Herb Garden

The summer plant sale at Wayside Gardens helped us score two types of rosemary, sage, and several phlox plants for the herb garden.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Restoration of the boxwood hedge begins

Several days a week or two ago the boxwood shrubs on the healthy side of the drive were air layered to begin the process of restoring the full ring around the driveway.  
 The process is really not that complicated. A branch of boxwood smaller than a number 2 pencil is stripped of leaves. Two cuts are made around the branch about one inch apart. The outer layer of bark is removed.
 The now wounded area of bark is packed in moist sphagnum moss, and wrapped in plastic to help hold moisture.
 Press and Seal is a kitchen product but really makes this step easier.
 The final package is tightly sealed and twisted.
 The plastic is too tempting for birds so the whole thing is encased in an aluminum foil wrapping to give protection from birds searching for nesting materials, and to create a dark area for new roots to form.
The final product. This is a slow process. By the end of summer when the temperatures are beginning to drop the sphagnum moss should be completely full of new roots. The new plants will be cut from the shrub and potted up to grow over the winter in a sheltered area, usually under a tree or foundation shrubs for a year or so. Then they will be ready to plant.

Monday, June 20, 2016

The Kitchen Herb Garden begins

 We went to the local big box store and purchased fencing to surround the area for the new Kitchen Herb Garden behind the Old Kitchen here on the property of the BSH. Near the back corner of the Old Kitchen you can see the pile of dirt and rubble that must be moved first. You can also see how very dry it is here, as the golf cart tracks are easily seen in the dry grass. We need regular rain.
 Two corner posts, 8 fence rails, and 6 end posts were purchased, along with some bags of gravel to toss into the post holes to speed drainage and slow down rot. We are still thinking about enlarging the width of the garden, but we will see.
While on vacation we took a side trip to Georgetown, SC. Next to the Rice Museum, the Lowcountry Herb Society has planted a small herb garden. This garden was in a small space and mostly shaded. I think our Herb Garden should do well with more space and more light. We will keep you posted.