Sunday, November 15, 2015

Camellia Sasanquas take bloom

Around the grounds several camellias have begun to flower. This early in the year the camellia sasanqua are the first to bloom. 
 This pink sasanqua is just the right of the steps to the Old Kitchen.
 Here is a closer look. Lots more flowers to come based on the buds visible.
 On the North Main Street side of the house two white sasanqua flank the side steps. These photos are close ups and make the blooms large, but the true size is much smaller - half dollar sized maybe.
 Forgot to give this a sniff but they are gorgeous!
There was a cold stunned bee that staggered away from this bloom as it was moved for this photo. Definitely need to air layer and propagate more of these bushes this spring.

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