Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Update - BSH Old Kitchen Herb Garden

This is the rear view from behind the herb garden. We are filling the raised beds with layers of organic matter, but are still waiting on mulch to fill the paths and make walk-able paths.

This a shot from the corner looking across the beds. There is a little manure and topsoil still to be spread in the raised beds.

This final shot is a complete side view of the raised beds and the whole garden. We need to put down some more cardboard to block the weeds, and we still need bark mulch for the paths. Looking toward the siding on the house we may need to spray mold killer on the walls to clean that up.

Just a reminder that Burt Stark House Christmas ornaments are still available for a $10 donation. When you donate to the BSH and get an ornament you are supporting our efforts to build the Old Kitchen Herb Garden, as well as replanting flower beds and shrubs around the BSH property.

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