Saturday, December 3, 2016

BSH Old Kitchen Herb Garden Update - Fall 2016

Much activity has taken place in the new Herb Garden this Fall. The fence was finished. The weeds and grass were scalped and sprayed. Cardboard was laid to cover the entire ground area and weighted with bricks and sticks. The lumber for the raised beds was secured and delivered by the local Rose Garden Club. The lumber was screwed together and now sits awaiting filler inside the beds and wood mulch for the paths between the beds. Progress comes slowly. 
 Here is a photo of the finished raised beds.
 A rear shot shows the bigger picture. Paths are wide to allow for wheelchair access.
 Progress but miles to go.
 Four six foot by ten foot raised beds are going to take a lot filling soil.
The garden as it sits right now - starting to look like something great!

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