Friday, July 22, 2016

Summer Projects and Future Plans

This summer work has continued in the front flower beds on either side of the front steps here at the Burt Stark House. The photo above is the left side of the front steps. Some Crepe Myrtle shoots are there behind that Hydrangea. They will be encouraged and will eventually shade this sunny bed nicely.
This is a closer shot of the front left bed closer to the front steps. The little weedy patch in the middle of the bed is some old daylilies that will need to be lifted and divided this fall. 
Here is a picture of the flower bed to the right side of the front steps. These Aspidistra "Cast Iron" plants need to be moved to a shadier bed in the back yard. At one time there were huge ancient magnolia trees that put all this area in deep shade. But they are gone and this plants need a move to some cooler shadier area.  

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