Sunday, February 14, 2016

To Everything there is a Season

    Work continues inside the house spring cleaning and preparing for this summer's tourist season, and work continues outside the house too. Weeds need to be pulled now while everything is dormant and flowers have not begun to bloom. Below is the poundage of sticker bryer roots pulled from underneath just one gardenia bush. This process has been repeated in every flower bed around the house. 
     Next, there is several years worth of privet hedge growing in the outer garden beds in amongst the fig trees, and roses. They are fairly easy to pull out if young enough, and don't put up a real fight even if well established, but it will still be a monumental task.
     On a happy side note - pecan seeds from the best, old pecan tree have rooted and could become future landscape trees to replace some trees that are aging and will need to come down at some point. It is good to know that original plants and trees can be grown and be ready to repopulate the grounds.
     In the photo you see that this seed was soaked and started on Dec. 21 - so it only took two shorts months to cokes it to life. The life of a gardener is not a fast paced life.
To everything there is a season...

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