Sunday, January 22, 2017

January Update - BSH Old Kitchen Herb Garden

This is the rear view from behind the herb garden. We are filling the raised beds with layers of organic matter, but are still waiting on mulch to fill the paths and make walk-able paths.

This a shot from the corner looking across the beds. There is a little manure and topsoil still to be spread in the raised beds.

This final shot is a complete side view of the raised beds and the whole garden. We need to put down some more cardboard to block the weeds, and we still need bark mulch for the paths. Looking toward the siding on the house we may need to spray mold killer on the walls to clean that up.

Just a reminder that Burt Stark House Christmas ornaments are still available for a $10 donation. When you donate to the BSH and get an ornament you are supporting our efforts to build the Old Kitchen Herb Garden, as well as replanting flower beds and shrubs around the BSH property.

Friday, December 9, 2016

Christmas comes to the Burt Stark House

 The Ladies Parlor Christmas tree here at the BSH was created in honor of Miss Mary. Hats, shoes, hat boxes, passports, and cameras all illustrate her love of travel and enjoying life each day.
 a close up detail
 Men's and women's hats represent Miss Mary Stark Davis and her husband Thomas Lyles Davis.
 The Men's Parlor Tree and mantle is simple and adorned in a peacock theme.
 a wide shot of the entire room
 the mantle in peacock
 several details from the tree feature scented pinecones hung from ribbons and cast iron keys.

Remember that BSH Christmas Ornaments are available at the house each Friday and Saturday from 1:30 to 4:30 for a suggested $10.00 or more donation. All proceeds from the ornament sale helps to restore the flower beds and grounds here are the BSH.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

BSH Old Kitchen Herb Garden Update - Fall 2016

Much activity has taken place in the new Herb Garden this Fall. The fence was finished. The weeds and grass were scalped and sprayed. Cardboard was laid to cover the entire ground area and weighted with bricks and sticks. The lumber for the raised beds was secured and delivered by the local Rose Garden Club. The lumber was screwed together and now sits awaiting filler inside the beds and wood mulch for the paths between the beds. Progress comes slowly. 
 Here is a photo of the finished raised beds.
 A rear shot shows the bigger picture. Paths are wide to allow for wheelchair access.
 Progress but miles to go.
 Four six foot by ten foot raised beds are going to take a lot filling soil.
The garden as it sits right now - starting to look like something great!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Burt Stark House Christmas Ornament 2016 now available

The 2016 Burt Stark House Christmas Ornament is now available. The ornaments are available for a minimum $10.00 donation or larger. The ornament is clear glass with either a black and white or color photo image of the Burt Stark House encased with the ornament. Ornaments are available at the Burt Stark House each Friday and Saturday afternoon from 1:30  to 4:30. All proceeds from the sale of these ornaments goes to fund restoration of the gardens and flower beds on the Burt Stark House grounds.

Boxwood Restoration Fall Update - 36 new plants

This spring the healthy boxwood shrubs on the west side of the front lawn were air layered. A process wounding a small branch and packing moist rooting medium around it. The wound sits all summer long and in the fall the plant begins to produce roots at the wounded area. The packing material begins to feel tighter and tighter, and that is when you know the roots are forming. 
 One cool morning after a slight rain all the air layers were removed from the shrubs. If done carefully this leaves the plant looking as if it were simply pruned and thinned, but you have new plants with roots for your efforts. The hardest part is the patience it takes to wait out the new roots.
 Here are the finished air layered clippings. The Piedmont region of South Carolina had one of the driest summers we have had in decades. A few of the air layers did not survive the trauma, but many did.
 Here is a close up of the finished product. The roots are wrapped in spagnum moss, plastic, and then aluminum foil so the roots are formed in complete darkness. The bottom of the original branch is clipped off of the bottom of the root mass. The new plant is planted in plain garden top soil from the big box store.
The final boxwood plants. This year there are 36 new plants with roots that will be allowed to grow roots and fill in over the winter if it ever rains again. The reason all this trouble is taken is because we have the same plants to fill in the holes from shrubs lost through the decades, and we have no fear of boxwood blight. No new plant material will be brought onto the property so the original boxwood shrubs are completely safe.

Friday, September 2, 2016

Herb Garden Fence

The fence around the Old Kitchen Herb Garden is finally completed. The weather has been too hot to dig, and the ground was hardened by weeks lacking of rain. The fence is done and the real work on the ground and the flower beds can finally begin. The local garden club has offered help, so cardboard and lumber is coming to begin the raised beds.
 This is a wide view showing the garden space from a corner.
 This is a distant shot, looks pretty good.
 This is going to be a nice addition to the grounds. It is visible from the both side roads, and the windows of the old kitchen look directly out into this space. Going to be pretty.
Rear view of the garden space, after everything is in place a fence/gate will need to enclose the whole space. Two small entrance gates are planned next to the building for ease of access.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Flag Pole flower bed

The plan was to create a red, white, and blue flower bed for this round brick flag pole bed. The red is verbena, the white is full sun caladiums, and the blue never worked out. I tried blue salvia but the seed would not grow. Maybe next year. It does look good from the intersection as cars drive by.